Election of member of council 


1. Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Section 9(1), of the Charles Darwin University Act, elections will be held for the following members of Council:

  • one person elected by and from the full-time Higher Education academic staff f the University
  • one person elected by and from the full-time VET academic staff of the University
  • one person elected by and from the undergraduate students of the University
  • one person elected by and from the postgraduate students of the University

2. Nominations of persons for election are now invited. A nomination must be in writing and must take the following form:

We, (name of proposer and name of seconder) being eligible to vote in the election of (description of election) nominate (name of candidate) as a candidate for that election.
(Signature of proposer)
(Signature of seconder)
I, (name of candidate) hereby consent to the above nomination.
(Signature of candidate)

3. Candidates are invited to submit with their nomination a statement NOT EXCEEDING 200 WORDS, relating to their candidacy, for circulation to voters.

4. As a Member of the Council you must act solely in the interest of the University and not as a delegate or representative of a particular constituency.

5. NOMINATIONS MUST REACH THE RETURNING OFFICER BY 12 NOON Monday 24 September 2007. They should be delivered to the Governance Branch located in Building 28, Casuarina Campus or posted to the Returning Officer, Charles Darwin University, DARWIN NT 0909. In either case the envelope should be clearly endorsed ‘COUNCIL ELECTION’.

6. If at the close of nominations the number of candidates for a particular election exceeds the number of members required to be elected, a ballot will be conducted to choose the number required. The ballot will be conducted by post and the ballot papers will be sent to those persons whose names appear on the relevant electoral roll.

7. The electoral rolls will be made available for inspection from Friday 28 September 2007 in the Libraries of Casuarina, Palmerston and Alice Springs Campuses of the University.

8. The electoral rolls will close at 12 noon on Monday 24 September 2007. Persons eligible to vote are invited to confirm before closure that their name and current addresses are on the electoral roll and are correct.

Professor Helen Garnett
Vice Chancellor
31 August 2007

For further information contact:
Peter Garrigan, Manager Governance
Telephone: 8946 6924
Email: peter.garrigan@cdu.edu.au
Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT 0909