Symposium keynote speaker: Peter Sheahan 


Keynote speaker for the free Symposium on 28 September at CDU’s Alice Springs Campus, Peter Sheahan has established a globally recognised brand as a leading expert in workforce trends and generational change.

As a globally recognised expert on Generation Y, Peter believes that the task of managing and getting the most out of Gen Y is by no means an exact science, but it is possible to understand this emerging generation.

The 2006 Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year will present Generation Y, attracting and retaining staff, regional and workforce development as a part of the Charles Darwin Symposium: A Skilled Workforce for Regional and Remote Australia: Keeping, Attracting, Training.

Peter Sheahan will set the scene in terms of key motivational, employment and deployment issues, with particular reference to understanding the mindsets of Generation Y.

‘You are better to think of Gen Y not as a group that are all the same, but as an emerging mindset. And the demands and expectations of this new generation are trending upwards. That is, older generations are adopting the desires and wants of Gen Y,’ he said.

‘Who among us doesn’t want flexible working hours, respect and the opportunity to do work that makes a difference. The real distinguishing feature of Gen Y is that they are the ones screaming the loudest for what they want and are talking with their feet when they don’t get it.’

More than any previous generation, Gen Y wants to be CEO at age 26 and they are not prepared to sacrifice their whole life, including friends and family, to get there.

‘This mindset presents a unique set of challenges for employers and training providers across Australia, particularly in regional and remote Australia,’ he said.