Vice-Chancellor launches Symposium on Indigenous music and dance 


Aboriginal music and dance, unlike Aboriginal visual arts, are almost unheard of as part of the National Heritage.

The importance of protecting and sustaining these Indigenous knowledge systems was evident at today’s opening the 2007 Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance, a Darwin Festival event, held on the Charles Darwin university campus.

CDU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Helen Garnett opened this year’s Symposium, the sixth in a series that began at the 2002 Garma Festival.

Professor Garnett communicated the inherent importance of protecting and fostering Indigenous song and dance for future generations.

“Indigenous futures and knowledge have been high on CDU’s agenda ever since the institution was formed in 2003,” she said.

“The Symposium will present recent work on Indigenous music and dance, including that undertaken as part of the National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia.

“Protecting and sustaining these areas of traditional knowledge will mean future returns for Indigenous people who own this intellectual property.”

The Symposium is a major initiative that seeks to record, document and archive the major traditions of Australian Aboriginal music. Various Indigenous performers and thinkers will participate as a part of the festivities.

The free symposium will be held on 18 August from 9am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 5pm at CDU’s Casuarina Campus, room 1, building 22.

For further information contact Huw Brokensha on 8946 6960.