SER seminar series 


Professor Eric Valentine presents ‘Effluent dispersion in Darwin Harbour’, on Friday 3 August from 1pm to 2pm.

The aim of the Darwin Harbour Plan of Management is to maintain a healthy environment by improving the understanding and knowledge of the region’s environment. A recent hydrodynamic and water quality modelling study aims to examine the fate of the sewage effluent from Darwin and Palmerston to establish criteria for the continued licensing of the discharges.

Although it is widely believed that the harbour is well-flushed by the tidal flow, indications are that effluent plumes have long residence times within the harbour, which is exacerbated by the problem that the growth and decay of effluent constituents in tropical climates are not well understood, and it is therefore of particular concern in this pristine environment to understand how discharges behave.

Eric Valentine is Foundation Chair of Civil Engineering in Charles Darwin University’s School of Engineering and Logistics.

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This seminar takes place in room 1, building 22 (22.01), Casuarina Campus, Charles Darwin University.