AQTF 2007 is here 


The Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) has been revised with the new arrangements in place from 1 July 2007.

AQTF 2007 is a significant change for vocational education and training that is designed to give Australia a truly national training system.

AQTF 2007 gives training organisations the opportunity to show the quality of their training and assessment and to have their quality judged through the skills outcomes their learners achieve.

AQTF 2007 encourages greater participation of employers, industry and regulatory bodies in ensuring the quality and currency of training with the result that employers and industry have increased confidence in the quality of training outcomes.

The AQTF has given us a solid base for quality assurance and the new quality framework builds on the previous AQTF Standards through the use of Quality Indicators that will be used to drive the process of continuous improvement.

The new arrangements for AQTF will be introduced progressively beginning with the implementation of the Essential Standards for Registration, commencing from 1 July 2007 and secondly, assessment against Excellence Criteria commencing from 1 January 2008.

For detailed information about AQTF 2007, including the final draft of the Essential Standards for Registration visit

The Academic Quality, Planning & VET (AQPVET) division of Charles Darwin University (CDU) has updated it’s website in-line with the new arrangements and will roll out a range of resources and guides to assist with the transition to AQTF 2007. Please refer to the AQPVET website

AQPVET will also host a series of workshops and information sessions in semester 2, 2007 to assist CDU staff to build on the quality of our current training and assessment services through the use of Quality Indicators and continuous improvement processes.

Information about these sessions plus a schedule of dates will be communicated to all VET staff in the near future.