CDU's teaching and learning results 


The results of the University’s on-going surveys of students’ views of their teaching and learning experiences have been compiled and are open for viewing. The information has been analysed and the results can be viewed at the Outcomes of Student Evaluation of Units website

This site includes feedback from semester 2, 2004, to semester 2, 2006, and shows the outcomes of student evaluation of units and modules using the Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) <> system.

The Outcomes of Student Evaluation of Units website provides aggregated data on the evaluation of higher education and vocational education and training units and modules.

A new feature of the information being presented is the inclusion of information on particular higher education units in the most recent evaluation sample that has been analysed (semester 2, 2006). That includes information on student comments on the strengths of the learning experience in the unit together with a summary of student recommendations for improving learning. It also includes a response to the overall unit evaluation from the academic School that delivers the unit.

Unit evaluations will continue in the main teaching periods.