SSPR seminar series 


Friday, 6th July 12.00 - 1.00pm
CDU Casuarina Campus
Room 39.1.40

Dr. Jiaping Wu is a research fellow in economic geography with People, Place and Economy theme within the School for Social and Policy Research. His current research focus is economic globalisation and urban and regional development of north Australia.

Abstract:  The Northern Territory is a large and ‘untamed’ land in Australia. Its capital city, Darwin, is thousands kilometers from other established Australian economic centres. Despite its remoteness, the Territory’s economy is highly globally oriented but co-exists with small scale traditional subsistence activities. The seminar will discuss some basic issues such as how the impact of distant factors has changed? What the change of distant factors implies for the regional development of a remote area like the Territory? The discussion will focus on the application of information and communication technology, along with other infrastructure and policies to facilitate social and economic interactions as well as trade and investment flows and how these have had an impact on regional development in particular the economic restructuring and social and economic relationships within and beyond the Northern Territory. 

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