Education is the key to the future 


The Northern Territory Department of Employment, Education and Training (DEET) continues its very successful campaign to recruit teachers, particularly for remote schools.

All children need a good education to secure a successful future and to be the best that they can be – and teachers are the key.

Asking teachers to leave behind the comfort and easy life of their home town or city is not an easy task; however, DEET has run a very successful recruitment campaign over the last several years which continues to attract teachers to the Northern Territory and its remote schools.

Appealing to teachers’ spirit of adventure, the campaign features the challenges and rewards of working in remote schools.

Though not everybody’s cup of tea, it offers opportunities for personal development and bush experiences found only in the real outback.

While it’s a demanding role, there is no lack of resources or support for remote teachers. Remote schools are generally well resourced and considerable investment has been made to improve infrastructure over the last six years.

Teaching in a remote community is certainly more than an ‘eight to three’ job. Teachers are role models; they become part of the community and really get to know their students and the community.

The Department is determined to continue its efforts to attract quality teachers and ensure that remote schools get the right people for the job.