SAIKS seminar 


Bryce King presents ‘e-gipsi - the beginnings of a social and technical design model for solar powered satellite internet stations in remote homeland communities’, on Friday 29 June from 12.15pm.

Both technology and homeland centres in the Top End have peculiarities which are often overlooked when infrastructure design and implementation is being considered at state and national levels.

In 2005, the Charles Darwin University (CDU) research panel awarded an infrastructure grant to further collaboration among CDU staff and students working in the areas of information and communication technology and capacity building in remote communities. The group is called INC – ‘Internetworking communities’.

As a way of addressing some of the technical difficulties people had been experiencing with internet services in the homelands that various research groups were working with, we formed ‘fishnet’ (faculties intertwining through a subtly hidden network), a group of technical experts working in various faculties of the University.

We identified two projects; the saspwis (stand alone solar powered wireless internet system) and the e-gipsi (extra-geographical internet provider with solar infrastructure) and decided to start with the hardest one first.

This seminar will take place in the SAIKS seminar room (building 30) and the e-gipsi will be on display outside.

For more information about INC visit For information about the seminar, phone 8946 6305.