CDU's scholarships for 2007 


A scholarship is your way to an easier and more successful student experience, and it’s simpler than you think!

Charles Darwin University’s (CDU) range of scholarships for 2007 offers financial assistance allowing students to concentrate more on their studies making student life easier.

Scholarships officer, Michelle Wells, explained that there are a wide range of scholarships available each year to assist students studying in many areas of CDU.

‘Life as a student can sometimes take its toll on your finances. Unfortunately, this often affects your study time. CDU has a wide range of scholarships designed to assist students financially in numerous areas of study,’ she said.

‘To be eligible and to apply for a scholarship is easier than you think and you don’t have to be an over achiever to be awarded one of CDU’s many scholarships.

‘Read each application criteria carefully, identify which ones you would qualify for then go for it.’

Scholarships are awarded to students experiencing financial hardship, living in specific locations and for certain areas of study. Any student is able to apply for as many scholarships as they believe they meet the criteria for.

For more information visit the scholarships website at