Funding success for CDU ARC Linkage Projects 


Charles Darwin University (CDU) researchers have been awarded funds for three successful round two Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project proposals, commencing in 2007.

Total ARC and partner funding for these three projects is a staggering 1.46 million dollars.

The three projects and their respective funding include:

Natural resource management and enterprise development: can they improve Indigenous livelihoods?

High on the Australian agenda is the removal of disadvantage faced by Indigenous groups and the sustainable use of biodiversity on Indigenous land.

This project provides fundamental knowledge on household resource use patterns, and the constraints and opportunities for natural resource activities, as a step towards identifying ways in which natural resources can be mobilised to improve livelihoods.

This funding consists of $189.00 from ARC and $75,000 from partners, provided over three years.

Coastal monitoring using metal resistant microbes

This project involves developing an early warning, rapid biological assessment for sediment toxicity that can be used alongside chemical tests to detect subchronic changes in the environment.

This project will received $358 000 of funding from ARC and $225 000 from partners over three years.

Managing acid mine drainage in northern Australia using microbial mats

One of the most difficult environmental issues for the mining industry is acid mine drainage (AMD) that can lead to significant environmental damage.

This project aims to identify microbes and characterise their roles in AMD formation in north Australia using new knowledge to design and trial microbial mats for the treatment of AMD.

This project will receive $387 564 from ARC and $525 000 from partners over three years.