CDU's Mother's Day virtual/real trade fair 


Charles Darwin University’s range of practice firms will answer the call of husbands, sons and daughters everywhere as they prepare to host the Mother’s Day virtual/real trade fair.

The Mothers Day virtual/real trade fair will incorporate a variety of practice firms including Crocodylus World, Toll Virtual NT, Travel Gateway, Saville Hotels and CIO.

For the first time a large contingent of VET in Schools students will also be involved. The VETiS students are from a number of local schools including Kormilda College, O’Loughlin College, Darwin High School and Dripstone High School.

Course coordinator, School of Law, Business and Arts, Bev Luke said that the day would be a great opportunity for the students to demonstrate their product knowledge and networking skills.

‘The day will incorporate a variety of other activities in addition to the trade fair, so come along and get your specials and buy real or virtually.’

The Mothers Day virtual/real trade fair will be held in building 24, Casuarina Campus, on Wednesday, 9 May.