Artist's forum - Tara Gilbee 

Tara Gilbee: image from '3x3=6 degrees of separation'

Artist Tara Gilbee will present the next School of Creative Arts and Humanities forum on Tuesday 1 May from 12.15pm to 1pm.

Tara’s background in collaborative practice emerged when she formed <the space in between> artist group in 2000. The aim of this group is to look at different ways of approaching thematic concerns around spatial and artistic practice.

She has worked as a curatorial collaborator within this group on projects ranging from vacant vitrines in subway stations, a Chinese restaurant, shipping container, an online blog studio and lately with a larger group of artists working with carved books.

To explore the blog studio formed as part of this project visit This project was a discrete journal that mapped the artists’ exploration of their differing environments and charts the collaborative relationship of a virtual studio.

Tara’s work alongside that of Andre Goodman, Catherine Ryan, Punctum, Jacques Soddell and Simon Howard can be seen in the current exhibition, 3x3 = 6 degrees of separation at Darwin Visual Arts Association opening at Wood St Gallery, Frogs Hollow on Friday 4 May.

This presentation takes place in room 3, building 24, Casuarina campus, Charles Darwin University - free admission, all welcome.