Academics to discuss human rights on second day of Symposium 


Academics and stakeholders in the debate on human rights will explore the Charles Darwin symposium agenda in further detail in a second day of discussion following the public airing of the issues on May 10.

International and national speakers will address the symposium themes Securing Territories Rights: Statehood and a Bill of Rights in a free public forum chaired by ABC radio presenter and columnist Philip Adams.

The Academic Seminar program on Friday, May 11, will include presentations that take up some of the issues to be raised on the first day. The issues will be explored from a comparative perspective, examining questions of rights for Territories in a wider Australian and international context.

After each presentation there will be opportunities for focused discussion on the individual presentations followed by general discussion of the issues raised.

The second day will not be open to the public, but it will be of interest and benefit to stakeholders such as the law community, academic staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students and public policymakers in Territory, state and federal governments.

Further details are available on the website

The public will be able to have their say on Day One, with panel discussions followed by questions from the floor.

Entry to the symposium is free, but the public is urged to register their interest by logging on to the website and following the link to registrations.