Artist's forum - Gary Lee 

'Rajkumar', 2005, colour photograph, courtesy the artist and Karen Brown Gallery, Darwin

Charles Darwin University PhD student Gary Lee will present the next School of Creative Arts and Humanities forum, entitled No Aboriginal content, on Tuesday 17 April from 12.15pm to 1pm.

In his forum Gary will discuss his ongoing male photo portrait series, Nice Coloured Boys, which he began in 1993, outlining the impetus for the series and his initial methodology in making the first of what now comprises over 500 portraits.

Photographing male beauty and body image in so called ‘third world’ countries almost seems an oxymoron in itself; male/beauty/third world? Gary’s photographs cause problems and issues in Australia, not least among them being assumptions about what constitutes Aboriginal art and widespread stereotypes about the kind of art that Aboriginal artists are supposed to make – who decides?

This presentation takes place in room 3, building 24, Casuarina campus, Charles Darwin University.