Palmerston community benefits from CDU researchers 

Palmerston campus administrator Nyree Terry with Anja Tait

Charles Darwin University’s Casuarina-based education researchers will spend some time each week at the Palmerston campus this year as part of the University’s commitment to the rapidly-growing community.

Researchers Ruth Wallace, Helen Spiers, Terry Dunbar and Anja Tait from the School of Education will conduct their research projects from the Palmerston campus.

Their projects focus on community engagement and equity of access to quality learning opportunities across the age groups, including the maternal and child health sector and transition to work.

It is expected that their research will assist in the planning of education for the local community.

Anja Tait is the first to take up residence at the campus with the others soon to follow.

The researchers were invited by Palmerston Campus Administrator Nyree Terry to undertake some of their research from the campus.

‘It appealed to them as a place they can engage with local people, within a tight knit community; they felt this was an important part of their research,’ she said.

Ms Terry says the Palmerston campus is responding rapidly to the needs of the Northern Territory’s fastest growing city through additional vocational, higher education and now research capabilities.

‘Twelve months ago, very few people knew that we offered higher education as well as VTE. It's great to have some research conducted on campus,’ she said.

Anja Tait hopes her schools-based research will improve educational opportunities for children throughout the NT.

‘Our role is to work with local schools to trial and evaluate effective teaching approaches that foster student engagement and improve attendance and retention,’ she said. ‘We will work closely with the community and schools to improve student outcomes.’

‘We work very well with local council and industry and our researchers can provide invaluable input into the future design of these suburbs,’ she said.

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