$150 000 for Bing Bong rehabilitation research 


Charles Darwin University coordinator and lecturer in botany, Dr Sean Bellairs has successfully applied for funds for a PhD student to undertake a research project.

The research project, entitled Enhanced native vegetation community development on the Bing Bong dredge spoil, will be championed by McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd who has agreed to provide funds of more than $150 000 over three years.

Dredge spoil from the Bing Bong Loading Facility shipping channel was placed near the loading facility, located 100 km north of McArthur River Mine (MRM) in 1994. Fresh dredge material has also been placed onto the existing dredge spoil area. This site is to be rehabilitated and a CDU PhD student will carry out research investigating rehabilitation of the saline dredge materials with local native vegetation.

It is proposed that the three year project will include assessment of rehabilitation techniques (including site preparation, seeding, seed selection, seeding rates), the development of the vegetation, and the sustainability of the rehabilitated vegetation. The project will also increase knowledge about the biology and ecology of native samphire vegetation of the Gulf Region.

Further details of the scholarship please contact Dr Bellairs on 8946 6070 or at sean.bellairs@cdu.edu.au.