Estranged tales 

'The Trees', 2006, pen and watercolour on paper, 24.8 x 17.3cm

Estranged tales, showing from 20-31 March, is the latest exhibition by Catriona Stanton.

In her exhibition, Catriona employs a diverse range of mediums and techniques to explore the shadowy realm of the imaginary.

Says Catriona, ‘A trip to Ireland and Canada in 2002 roused long forgotten memories of childhood: Eurocentric fairy tales of woods, wolves, castles and snow. Fur and ice are elements that are distinctly associated with my childhood stories rather than my lived experience so when these elements were encountered in a foreign land a door was opened to an aspect of my poetic imagination that had not been aired for decades.’

The multifarious elements comprising this body of work include constructions of cane and toothpicks, soft sculptures of faux fur, architectural structures of wood and twigs cast in bronze. The unsettling and the strange have been the predecessors to the making that has happened in the studio.

Estranged tales opens Tuesday 20 March at 6pm, and will be showing from 20-31 March. After hours by appointment: 0406 613 866.

The Gallery, building 12, Casuarina Campus, Charles Darwin University.