MSHR weekly seminar 


Ric Price presents ‘Determinants of therapeutic efficacy following antimicrobial therapy: Predictors, correlates, and misconceptions’, on Monday 5 March from 12pm to 1pm.

Over the last decade significant progress has been made in identifying important factors that determine the response of eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms to antimicrobial agents. Putative molecular markers of drug resistance have been correlated with both the in vitro and in vivo phenotype.

A complex array of factors are involved; the interplay between parasite biomass, parasite genotype, pharmacokinetics and dynamics, host immunity and exposure to re-infection ensure that a wide array of parameters need to be accounted for in order to determine the attributable contribution of each factor.

This seminar takes place in the Menzies Seminar Room, John Mathews Building, Royal Darwin Hospital Campus.

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