The walkabout chef launches his book 


Steve Sunk, Charles Darwin University’s most celebrated chef and VET cooking lecturer, will launch a book about his experiences in remote communities on February 23.

Dubbed The Walkabout Chef for his time spent teaching cooking to Aboriginal women and young people in remote communities, Sunk has written the book after a decade of taking his Back to Basics classes across the breadth of the Territory.

His book, titled Walkabout Chefs, details his experiences in the bush, accompanied by some 40 recipes for Aboriginal bush food created with remote communities while teaching them how to cook with natural ingredients.

Sunk says that over his decade of teaching he has cooked everything from dugong curry to goanna risotto, bandicoot stew and turtle soup.

The book has been written in partnership with Darwin photographer David Hancock, whose strong, vibrant images capture the successful collaboration between Sunk and the Indigenous communities.

Sink’s exploits in the bush have earned the former top chef his own kind of celebrity status, with SBS television now filming a documentary on his career.

Walkabout Chefs will be launched by NT Administrator Ted Egan at the Karawa Restaurant on the Palmerton campus of CDU with a special banquet featuring some of Sink’s most exotic culinary creations. The launch starts at 3pm on Friday, February 23.

* NOTE: The media is invited to attend the launch.
* For interviews contact Steve Sunk on 8946 6666 or David Hancock, publisher and co-author on 0419 884 388.
* Walkabout Chefs will be for sale at the launch and available at the CDU Bookshop and other major retailers.