SAIKS and Governance Program seminar 


The School of Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems (SAIKS) and Governance Program present the first seminar in the Occasional Seminar Series for 2007 on 22 February. Find out more

Michael O’Donnell presents ‘Access to Aboriginal Land in the Northern Territory: proposed changes to the permit system authorised by the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, 1976’, the first seminar in the School of Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems (SAIKS) and Governance Program Occasional Seminar Series for 2007.

The Land Rights Act in the Northern Territory is generally regarded internationally and domestically as one of the leading attempts to recognise traditional Indigenous rights to land. Important changes have been made to this landmark legislation in 2006 which are still being implemented and debated in the community, especially in relation to township leasing in some Indigenous communities. Further significant changes are being proposed by the Federal Government.

The permit system which controls access to Aboriginal lands under the Land Rights Act is being reviewed by the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs with the release of a Discussion Paper proposing various options for change.

This seminar will discuss and explain the current permit system and look at the arguments for and against change. It follows on from the seminar held in November 2006 concerning the changes to the leasing provisions of the Act.

Michael O’Donnell is a Lecturer in Law, Faculty of Law, Business and Arts, Charles Darwin University.

This seminar takes place in the SAIKS seminar room, Building 30, from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

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