Year 12 students get an experience of university 

Students receive their CDU show bags

Year 12 students from the Darwin region experienced teaching and learning on a big university campus on Wednesday with Charles Darwin University’s first Information Day.

Students from Kormilda College, O’Loughlin College and Palmerston, Sanderson and Taminmin high schools spent the day at Casuarina dropping in on lectures, tutorials and practicum to gain an understanding of what is required to study and learn at the tertiary level.

The students were offered a range of choices in lectures and tutorials to attend, from classes in architecture and interior design to aquaculture, engineering, law, nursing, social work, teaching, music and the visual arts.

There was also the chance to sample a lecture on sport and fitness and multimedia laboratory work.

In the afternoon groups of students were bussed to the Palmerston campus for a hospitality and cookery practicum.

'This is a new idea to get students used to the possibility of further education while still in the final year of schooling,' says Careers and Student Recruitment coordinator Adelia Mu-Prasad. 'And it also helps students to decide whether a university degree or a vocational qualification is what they would like to pursue.'

School students who want to talk to a careers advisor should phone Careers and Student Recruitment on freecall 1800 061 963 or 8946 7286.