Call for Origins contributions 


Charles Darwin University’s (CDU) flagship magazine Origins is calling for staff contributions.

Media manager Ron Banks is seeking ideas and writers for the magazine’s broad range of stories that will not only highlight research projects but contemporary issues dealing with water in the north, Indigenous health and the symposium topic Statehood and a Bill of Rights – plus anything else of compelling interest.

In certain cases the media manager will interview staff or research students so that the work being done at CDU can be showcased.

If staff and research students would like to contribute, or even prefer to dob in someone who has an interesting story to tell, please contact Ron Banks as soon as possible by email or on 6019. (He works Wednesday to Friday).

It is essential to get cracking on the stories so deadlines can be met within the next few weeks.

Origins aims to maintain the integrity and quality of the previous two editions, which set the template for the new-look magazine.

The magazine needs plenty of ideas so it can offer a broad range of stories.