Bill vies for Australia's best BBQ title 


Charles Darwin University student, Bill Rowland, will fly the flag for the Territory later this month as he vies for the title of Australia’s best barbie cook.

A dozen budding chefs from around the country will battle it out for the title in the Great BBQ Challenge presented by the LifeStyle Food Channel.

The 27 year old Bachelor of Arts student will be asked to cook an Aussie burger by preparing his own minced meat, bread and home made chips. To complicated things he will be required to prepare his own brand of tomato sauce.

Bill believes that his experience in throwing a good BBQ party should see him claim the title.

‘I revel in the pursuit of good living and you can’t beat good food, good music and good people,’ he said.

The first of the semi-finals for the aromatic competition will take place 15 January, with Bill taking up the tongs for his semi-final on Friday 19 January.