Aron rises to the occasion 


Apprentice baker Aron Woods has been rewarded for his outstanding efforts by being named the most outstanding student of the year in his course at Charles Darwin University (CDU).

At 16 Aron has been employed by Brumby’s bakery for a year and a half as part of his school-based apprenticeship.

Aron received the highest marks out of all the baker’s apprentices at trade school.

Working professionally at Brumby’s has made Aron realise the hard work that goes into being a baker.

‘Before I started working here I never thought that the processes were so precise and involved.’

Mim Smith of Group Training NT said that Aron has always received a highly commended grade for the work he presented to his trainer.

‘This year Aron has juggled an apprenticeship, high school, trade school, work and adolescence,’ Ms Smith said.

‘Most adults would cringle at this workload, whereas Aron not only does it well, he always does it with a smile.’