Up the Dusty Track 

Up the Dusty Track by Norman W. Booth

Charles Darwin University Press announces a reprint of Up the Dusty Track by Norman W. Booth.

This is an Australian war novel with a difference (WWII). There are no great fights. But there are daily battles against appalling conditions and equipment, in a race against time to carry troops and supplies to the north by the only route possible—overland, through harsh, sparsely populated territory.

The war is seen through the eyes of various characters forming part of the convoy up the rapidly constructed track from Alice Springs to Larrimah.

The characters are a hard-bitten lot. Their lives are punctuated by broken springs, leaking fuel tanks, and occasional fires, and are lived against a background of searing heat and blinding dust, but also of great beauty. Their conversation is of the difficulties they encounter in a day's work, the families they have left behind, the Aboriginal women, and the political and economic arrangements of a world that is far from sane.

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