Graduate Attributes approved by Academic Board 


The Academic Board approved the Charles Darwin University Graduate Attributes on 12 May.

The Graduate Attributes were developed initially by the Graduate Attributes Reference Group, with a process of wide consultation with CDU staff and Faculty Teaching and Learning Groups.

The Academic Board acknowledges the contributions of all those involved in the process.

Graduate Attributes are the generic skills that all CDU graduates will acquire from VET and Higher Education courses at CDU.  The national VET Employability Skills as defined by DEST are all addressed within the CDU Graduate Attributes.

The implementation process will now begin and will include the curriculum mapping of Graduate Attributes in the Quality Accreditation Proforma for New/Re-Accreditation/Major change to accredited Higher Education course proposals.

The Proforma was also approved by Academic Board on 12 May 2006.

A new Quality Accreditation Proforma for Unit Proposals was also approved and includes mapping of Graduate Attributes.

The new Quality Accreditation Proformas for courses and units are being introduced immediately for the current round of Course accreditations and re-accreditations.

Download the Charles Darwin University Graduate Attributes.

David Parry
Academic Board