Remote students set their career sights on IT 


Northern Territory Open Education remote Territory students visited Charles Darwin University (CDU) on the 12 May to explore the wonderful world of IT with Jeff Parker.

With IT being such an important part of our lives today, it was terrific to see such great interest from students.

The students started their morning with Jodi Tutty working with Table PC Tablets.

Donna Cox discussed career pathways in IT, provided the students relevant information on studies and surprised them with the many different opportunities available to them within the IT field.

Trisha Kohlweg gave the students a tour of the Casuarina Campus. The students enjoyed visiting our resident crocodile at the Crocodylus World Practice Firm.

They showed a keen interest in the library and the accommodation facilities offered here at the North Flinders International House. Everyone then enjoyed a walk through the Chinese Garden and shared in the delight of the campus being so close to the beach.

After lunch Jeff Parker held workshops in the computer labs showing the students how to install and open source operating systems as well as how the internet works.

All of the students found the day to be very interesting and helpful, with many having a better understanding on the importance and diversity of the IT field.

Having had such a terrific time, they have planned to re-visit Charles Darwin University with more students later on this year.