CDU staff member and local artist, Tobias Richardson, will exhibit his new show Circumambulation, from 1-17 June.

Tobias, well known within the local art scene, describes the inspiration for his show:

“The Kabah is a shrine in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is a cube shaped granite structure that is very ancient. The Kabah is commonly shown in pictures shrouded by black cloth, and is an important spiritual site for many peoples.

“I first became inspired by the Kabah whilst travelling in Burma where I saw hi-tech images of the Kabah in posters being sold on the streets of Yangon. The more I researched the Kabah the more I uncovered a rich symbolism resulting from layer upon layer of history. I was drawn to the simplicity of the Kabah’s shape and saw a structure of great allegorical power.

“The Kabah represents the oneness of mankind. A pilgrimage to circle the Kabah is a confirmation of ones’ faith that God will guide. It is from this ritual that I arrived at the exhibition’s title - Circumambulation.”

This exhibition takes place in Building 12, Casuarina Campus, Charles Darwin University.

Exhibition runs from 1-17 June – viewings by appointment – contact 0432 284 729.

General gallery inquiries, contact 08 8946 6419 or 08 8946 6013.