Free SER seminar 


Nick Hogarth presents ‘Demography and management of the Australian native bamboo, Bambusa arnhemica’, on Friday 19 May from 1pm to 2pm.

Harvesting of bamboo shoots for food, combined with other environmental pressures, is threatening the health of wild stands of the native Bambusa arnhemica. The development of a sustainable management plan for this species requires an understanding of the dynamics of shoot production and the demographic consequences of their harvest.

In his presentation, Nick will provide an overview of a five-year demographic study of wild stands of B. arnhemica on the Mary and Adelaide rivers, and summarise directions in the development of a management plan for the species.

Nick’s research of the Top End bamboo began in 2004 with an ecophysiological study for his Grad.Dip.Sc. (Plant Biology) at the Ecosystems Research Group, University of Western Australia.

Moving to Darwin at the start of 2005 to undertake research on the demography and management of B. arnhemica for his MSc., Nick will head to China on completion of his degree to continue bamboo research as a PhD candidate on a project in collaboration with the Centre for International Forestry Research and Guangxi University, Nanning, China.

This presentation takes place in the main seminar room, Building 22 (22.01), Casuarina Campus.

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