View from the chair 

Mr Justin Murphy

Chair for the Symposium was Justin Murphy who is well known for his work as a science reporter for ABC Radio and TV.

Justin said the Symposium was both stark and stimulating, with a diverse range of speakers bringing real urgency and immediacy to a whole range of regional environmental issues.

He also gave the opening address in which he encouraged researchers to engage with and promote their work through the media as a way of gaining broader awareness of important global issues.

He explained that while there would always be interest from specialty media and academic journals there was an urgent need for the communication of ideas and research finding to be made available to a more general audience.

Justin said he was delighted to be invited to come to Darwin for the Symposium and he congratulated the CDU on their efforts to provide such forums where experts and the general public can share their knowledge and experience on the local impact of global issues.

“It’s the best Symposium I’ve been to by a country mile. Passionate speakers, challenging topics and close to a full house both days,” he said.