CDU and Indonesian partners set directions for east Indonesian development 

Workshop delegates from Indonesia, Australia and East Timor attended a field trip to rural projects in Amarasi

Education discussion group (L-R) Professor Greg Hill (University of the Sunshine Coast), Professor Bob Wasson (CDU), Mr Dharma Palekahelu and Dr Ferry Karwur (Satya Wacana Christian University) and Dr Penny Wurm (TS CRC)

A workshop on Integrated Rural Development was held in Kupang in April, following more than a decade of collaborative research and training activities by northern Australian and eastern Indonesian institutional partners.

Participants came from government and non-government organisations, educational institutions, such as CDU, and funding agencies from Indonesia, Timor Leste and Australia.

The workshop aimed to review activities for improving livelihoods in eastern Indonesia and establish and expand Indonesia-Australia collaborations.

As well, participants were interested in developing relationships with international donor agencies and discussed directions for future activities.

CDU’s Dr Bronwyn Myers, a key organiser of the workshop, highlighted the importance of strengthening of partnerships with Indonesian and Australian colleagues and the exploration of new links with many workshop participants.

“It is very satisfying to explore possible cooperative activities and approaches with our Indonesian and East Timorese counterparts—to recognize that we have a great deal in common and are keen to pursue common goals,” said Dr Myers.

The workshop included 27 invited presentations on aspects of integrated rural development in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), eastern Indonesia, and focused discussion groups explored opportunities for integrated rural development.

The workshop provided opportunity for CDU staff to formulate and strengthen research and educational partnerships relating to activities with our nearest neighbors, fostering cooperative approaches to research and training in the region and enhancing the chances of success in future funding bids.

CDU staff currently involved in research and training activities in Indonesia and East Timor have demonstrated their capacity for securing external funding, with total external funding of $568K in 2005. During the next year this group will be submitting further funding applications. Potential and existing funding agencies and Indonesian collaborators were represented at the workshop.

The CDU delegation included Professor Bob Wasson, Professor Carole Kayrooz, Professor Stephen Garnett, Dr Bronwyn Myers, Mr Rohan Fisher, Dr Natasha Stacey and Dr Guy Boggs, with Dr Penny Wurm and Dr Peter Jacklyn representing Tropical Savannas CRC.

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