General Advice - CDU Cyclone Procedures 


Formal advices re Cyclone Season were issued on 13 December 2005 and have been followed-up since. The purpose of this advice is to bring to the attention of staff and students the existence of Cyclone Monica and to inform you that a cyclone WARNING has now been issued for Darwin, Palmerston, and rural areas including Daly Waters.

Please refer to regular Cyclone WARNING up dates being issued by the Darwin Tropical Warning Centre, Territory Radio 104.1FM and via the telephone Cyclone line on 1300 659 211.

1. House-Keeping

By now all areas should have arranged for rubbish, or other materials, which could become projectiles in the event of severe wind gusts to be removed, stored in secure areas and or tied down as appropriate. If you are aware of any rubbish etc. which has not been removed, stored in secure areas and/or not tied down as appropriate then please communicate with your supervisor to ensure these issues are addressed.This is a matter of high priority.

2. As A Cyclone WARNING has Issued the Following Action Is Now Required

A cyclone warning is issued when there are indications that winds above gale force are anticipated to be in the area within 24 hours or less. As tomorrow (Tuesday) is a public holiday you are to take the following precautions when you leave your work place today:

  • Disconnect all electrical equipment
  • Move PC on floors to desk tops to minimize water damage
  • Place all corporate records in secure areas, where they are least likely to be damaged by water etc
  • When leaving your office at close of business ensure the door is firmly shut
  • All building external and internal doors should be firmly shut and if appropriate locked at close of business today
  • Ensure all portable outdoor furniture and related items areĀ  stored within buildings
  • Move vehicles which are to remain on campus to previously designated locations
  • And when or if advised to; vacate the University buildings and move off campus to a recognized public shelter

If the position deteriorates tomorrow it may be necessary to close the University. Consequently only staff and students with essential purposes should attend the University tomorrow. You should be aware that you may need to vacate the premises at short notice and in this regard should maintain a watching brief for emergency warnings. Security staff will undertake the close down as necessary.

3. Return to Work

As soon as practicable after a storm, staff are to communicate with their supervisors to confirm availability to return to work.

Normally the communication will be to the Supervisors work telephone number. However it may be more appropriate in some circumstances to make other arrangements and this is left to the discretion of individual units. General advices for University staff re return to work will issue over Territory Radio 104.1FM advices to students will also be issued when appropriate. Territory Radio 104.1FM is also available on the internet via a link on the CDU home page.

It needs to be stressed that cyclone preparedness is a responsibility of all levels of management, and the individual, and actions as outlined above must be taken now to ensure the site is thoroughly prepared.