CDU's 'winning ways' on display 

Staff look at tools of the trade

Michael Christie

CDU’s recent Teaching and Learning Week was a great hit with staff.

The Week included the launch of the Tools of the Trade website and library display, featuring Alice Springs lecturing staff showing off their teaching tools.

Justice Sally Thomas, CDU’s Deputy Chancellor, opened the Teaching and Learning Forum, a key event during the week and a platform for staff to hear and discuss some of the ‘winning ways’ at CDU.

Michael Christie, of the Yolngu studies team, took the audience through the development of the award winning Yolngu studies program. Michael’s presentation and passion for the program left the audience in no doubt that the program is well-deserving of its 2005 Australian Award for University Teaching.

“In developing the program, it was critical that the student experience was centred in the Yolngu world. For the East Arnhem land people, culture and language go hand in hand.

“Our achievements have been dependent on 20 years of goodwill from Yolngu communities. You need to work quietly and hard for a long time before people start to notice you,” Michael said.

The Fire Ecology and Management team - Kate Parr, Helen Rysavy and Penny Wurm – presented on the development of their web-based fire management course, which won a 2005 ASCILITTE Award.

They attributed the success of the course to several key factors: exciting, flexible and resource-rich education technology; education design that engages with controversy and demonstrates authentic learning contexts; and web design that is visually appealing and easy to navigate and read.

For those who missed the Forum, selected exerpts are available via audio podcasts.

EHS celebrates best practice in assessment

On Thursday morning, the Faculty of Education, Health and Science (EHS) held a morning tea to celebrate best practice in assessment.

Dean of EHS, Carole Kayrooz, outlined the faculty’s current focus on assessment and moderation, and ways in which these would be reviewed and improved throughout 2006.

Each school of the faculty also presented their own techniques and practices in moderation and assessment.

LBA demonstrates pilot program for Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) supervisors

Staff at the Faculty of Law, Business and Arts (LBA) gathered to learn more about a pilot program conducted at Katherine Campus in December 2005.

Program coordinator, Susan Bandias, said: “The program aims to train CDEP supervisors in cross cultural awareness and business administration skills, using specific learning material developed for Indigenous and non Indigenous people”.

The presentation included a ‘photo story’, where participants spoke about their experience and reaction to the program. Feedback from the pilot program will be used to develop and roll out the program in communities throughout the Territory.

Technology showcases their wireless labs

The Faculty of Technology used Teaching and Learning Week to demonstrate the use of Tablet computers in their new wireless labs.

Staff were impressed by the new technology, which extends the reach of CDU IT facilities and assists staff in delivering learning materials through ‘wireless classrooms’.

School of Education Remote VET Leader shows IDL technology is child’s play

Amanda Cawthorne-Crosby demonstrated Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) as a tool, delivering a Childrens’ Services lecture to 14 staff at the Casuarina Campus from a studio at the Alice Springs School of the Air.

The ‘class’ watched a student demonstrate nappy changing via IDL, which uses satellite technology to simulate a face to face teaching environment.

Five Alice Springs staff attended the session and many are hoping IDL can be used in future to make the personal teaching experience available to more communities and locations across the Territory.