Alumni profile - Dr Ian Jarvis Brown 

Dr Ian Jarvis-Brown

Dr Ian Jarvis Brown, born in Adelaide, South Australia, graduated from The University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Architecture (1966). He has a Diploma in Directing from the National Institute of Dramatic Art at The University of New South Wales (1974), and First-Class Honours degree in a Bachelor of Arts from Flinders University (1996).

In October 2002, Dr Brown was admitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) at the Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University), for the dissertation, Developments in Modern Theatre of Indonesia: Generation, Degeneration and Regeneration of a Cultural Medium.

During the course of his doctoral research and writing, undertaken in Indonesia, Dr Brown conducted public lectures in twenty-one provinces throughout Sumatera, West Nusa Tenggara, Bali, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Representing the Department of Culture and Tourism for the Republic of Indonesia at the 14th World Congress for the International Federation of Theatre Research in Amsterdam (June 2002), Dr Brown presented the paper, Modern Theatre Traditions of Indonesia: Intercultural Constructs between Past and Future Events.

Currently living in Bandung, West Java, where he has lived for the past nine years, Dr Brown is writing a manuscript for publication, Modern Theatre of Indonesia: A History of Acculturated Performance Traditions.

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