If all models are wrong: are any useful? 


Dr Poeter, 2006 Darcy lecturer, presents ‘All models are wrong: how do we know which are useful?’ at Charles Darwin University, Lecture Theatre 22.01, on Monday April 10 from 11am.

This lecture is part of the Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecture Series in Ground Water Science, established in 1986, aimed at fostering interest and excellence in ground water science and technology.

Dr Poeter's lecture details how the ground water profession today is searching for appropriate approaches to developing conceptual models, evaluating which are useful, and describing the uncertainty associated with their predictions.

This practical presentation will interest other disciplines that use modelling tools, even though this talk is based on ground water issues.

Dr Poeter is a professor of geological engineering at the Colorado School of Mines and director of the International Ground Water Modeling Center.

The Darcy Lecture series in Australia and New Zealand is supported by the International Association of Hydrogeologists. The following sponsors are acknowledged:

  • Centre for Groundwater Studies
  • Engineers Australia
  • Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association
  • Bureau of Rural Sciences
  • WA Department of Water
  • SKM
  • URS
  • Aquaterra

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