Free anthropology seminar 


Dan Dwyer presents ‘The economics of a Trepang voyage’ on Friday 31 March from 4pm.

Dan Dwyer is studying a fishing community on the Indonesian island of Tondok in the Madura region northeast of Surabaya, Java. He accompanied and closely documented a fishing expedition that ultimately headed into the Australian fishing zone in search of the famed Trepang or Sea Cucumber.

Dan’s work reveals some surprising facts about the organisation and economics of such trips. The research has significant implications for our understanding of the motivation of the fishers who arrive off our north coast every year.

Dan Dwyer is a PhD research student in the Anthropology discipline at Charles Darwin University.

This presentation takes place in Room 39, Building 39, ground level, Casuarina campus.

For further information about this and future anthropology seminars contact David Mearns on 08 8946 6824 or Kate Senior on 08 8922 8007.