World heritage on CDU's doorstep - a magnet to European students wanting to share our cultural landscape 


Students from Dublin University wanting to learn about world heritage management and experience the natural, cultural landscape of Kakadu National Park are studying at Charles Darwin University.

The students are undertaking a semester of study at CDU as part of an Australian Government and European Union initiative to encourage cooperation between Australian and European universities.

On hand to welcome the new students was Kado Muir, head of school, Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems, and Professor Robyn Bushell of the University of Western Sydney.

Students began the course in January with a two week intensive at UNESCO in Paris. They studied the technical side of nominating and managing world heritage areas, and visited the Val De Loire World Heritage area in France.

The CDU semester will end with a two-week intensive at Kakadu studying the practical issues and approaches in managing a world heritage area.

The Sharing Our Heritages Masters Class, is an opportunity for CDU masters students — as well as European students — to learn about world heritage management, study at a European / Australian university and visit world heritage areas.

Said Kado Muir, ‘We will be calling on CDU students to apply for a place in the Sharing Our Heritages Masters Class program. The unique position of CDU, with the wonderful natural and cultural world heritage asset like Kakadu on our doorstep, is a huge advantage to students – locally, nationally and internationally.

The Sharing Our Heritages Masters class is open to Masters Students from Australian partner universities. Students will study at the participating European university for a semester, and in return European students will come to Australia. Classes will run for two years.

An information session for CDU students will be offered in March. Find out more about the Sharing our Heritages program by contacting the School of Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems on 08 8946 6477.