Our 'Extinction' guru now an ARC expert 

Barry Brook at CDU

Dr Barry Brook, Charles Darwin University’s internationally recognised authority on – amongst other things – the past, present and future extinction of species – has been appointed to the Australian Research Council (ARC) College of Experts for the period 2006-2008.

Dr Brook, CDU’s Senior Research Fellow in the School for Environmental Research, Institute of Advanced Studies, will join the Biological Sciences and Biotechnology panel.

There are six advisory panels within the College, each containing about 12 members from a variety of backgrounds. Members are approved by the Minister for appointment by the ARC for periods of two to three years.

The College serves an important role in the assessment of applications for ARC Discovery, Linkage, Fellowship and Centre research grants and plays a key role in the identification of research excellence.

CDU’s Vice Chancellor says the appointment tops of a year of strong national and international recognition for Dr Brook’s work, including an Australian Academy of Science medal for distinguished research into the extinction and conservation of biodiversity.

Dr Brook has an international reputation for excellence and innovation in population and tropical ecology, conservation biology and paleobiology, under the unifying theme of “Extinction Dynamics: Past, Present and Future”.

Dr Brook says his contribution to the College of Experts would include assessing and ranking ARC grant applications submitted under the National Competitive Grants Program, making funding recommendations to the ARC, and providing strategic advice on emerging research developments.

The panel meets several times a year in Canberra.

“The ARC College of Experts help set the agenda for basic and applied research, ensuring Australia maintains its internationally competitive standing.

“I must say that it’s very exciting to be right in the centre of that, and I look forward to the challenges presented by this important role”, Dr Brook said.

For more information:
Contact: Dr Barry Brook, phone 0448 869 465.
Media Contact: Jennifer Richardson, 0421 602 304.