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Short course workshops for Busy Managers and Their Teams delivered at Casuarina campus:

Accounting for Non-accountants
Two days: 20 and 27 March - $620

For people from non-financial backgrounds, to better appreciate the importance of accounting within their organisation. Provides a comprehensive overview of accounting terminology, enabling participants to correctly analyse, and report on financial activities.

Building Client Relationships
One day - 3 March - $310

Focusing on ways to build sales, retain business and increase referrals through the creation and maintenance of effective one-on-one relationships with clients.

Dealing with Difficult People & Situations
One day - 10 March - $310

Developing skills, techniques and strategies, to successfully deal with an aggressive client, customer, or, an abrupt/discourteous employer/employee.

Developing High Performance Teams
Two days - 3 to 4 April - $620

Designed to enhance team leader's abilities in understanding team functioning and developing, managing and maintaining this process to achieve the outcomes required.

Effective People Skills
Two days - 5 to 6 April - $620

Introducing supervisors to the people management aspects of the workforce, so they can achieve the best results from their staff. Learning to identify and practice the key skills of communication, motivation, delegation, problem solving and decision making.

Exceptional Customer Service
Two days - 16 to 17 March - $620

Developing a ‘customer first’ attitude and the practical people skills required to demonstrate to customers that they really matter.

Project Management Foundations - Scope, Time, Quality and Cost Management
Three days - 6 to 8  March - $930

Focuses on the specification of the outcomes required to manage the scope, quality, time and cost within a project. It covers determining requirements, implementing and monitoring progress and effectiveness.  

Professional Presentations
Two days - 13 to 14 March - $620

Explores the skills required to create and deliver highly effective presentations with confidence and style, including the use of visual aids to achieve optimal impact.

The New Supervisor
Two days - 22 to 23 March - $620

Helping supervisors gain the necessary people skills to make the successful transition from team player to team leader. Participants are taught the functions of effective teams and how to weld together concerns of task, team and individual to achieve overall objectives.

Writing Effective Reports & Documentation
Two days - 29 to 30 March - $620

Strategically planning reports, collecting, analysing and sorting information structure, writing and editing for accuracy and presenting reports professionally.

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