MSHR weekly seminar 


Dr Malcolm McDonald presents ‘Rheumatic Fever: Go for the throat?’ on Monday 6 February from 12pm to 1pm.

Does streptococcal pyoderma have a role in the pathogenesis of acute rheumatic fever in Aboriginal communities of northern Australia? The hypothesis was first proposed in the mid-1990s but remains unproven.

A key piece of missing evidence has been documentation that streptococcal pharyngitis is truly uncommon in these communities. Now we have it… and more.

Dr McDonald is a PhD student with the Tropical and Emerging Infectious Diseases Division at the Menzies School for Health Research.

This seminar takes place in the Menzies Seminar Room, John Mathews Building, Royal Darwin Hospital campus.

For further information contact Tracey Burke on 08 8922 7833.