CDU Recruitment and Selection Guide 


Recruiting and selecting the right person for each position lays the foundation for the successful achievement of Charles Darwin University’s goals. We depend on our managers and members of selection committees to undertake the recruitment and selection process in a way that attracts and selects the most suitable person.

Realising this is not always an easy task, People Management and Development (PMD) has developed the Recruitment and Selection Guide to provide some guidance and assistance through the entire recruitment and selection process. The current practices were reviewed and some updates were made to the recruitment and selection process to help provide a better recruitment outcome for CDU.

Each stage of the process is covered in turn, from identifying and reviewing a vacancy to providing feedback to applicants. Furthermore, useful links are documented along the way and forms are provided to assist with undertaking recruitment and selection activities.

The Recruitment and Selection Guide is currently available on the PMD homepage under 'Quicklinks'.

Shortly, HR consultants will visit each area of the university providing an overview of the process and discussing some of the changes.

In the meantime if you require any assistance in the use of the guide please contact PMD on 08 8946 6904.