SAIKS and Governance Program - Occasional Seminar Series 2006 

Instance - Jen Ran

Shaolin - Lyndal Osborne

Visiting artists Jen Rae and Lyndal Osborne, from the BANFF Centre in Canada will show slides of their work and speak about working as artists in Canada on Friday 15 December from 12pm.

Jen Rae is an Indigenous interdisciplinary artist currently working in an Aboriginal studio work study. Influenced by her involvement at the University of Alberta Hospital and years of nomadic movement, Rae’s work explores correlations between human interaction and environment with an emphasis on sensory experience, memory and spatial relationships.

Lyndal Osborne incorporates organic materials into sculptural works of art. Collecting and categorizing found materials from her surrounding environment, gives them new life in her sculptures. Born in Newcastle, Australia, Osborne’s work is associated with cultural traditions of Indigenous peoples and their connection to the land, spirit and traditions of everyday life. Her work engages issues such as vulnerability versus power, and preservation versus endangerment.

This presentation takes place in the SAIKS seminar room, Building 30, Casuarina Campus, Charles Darwin University.

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