Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) at CDU in 2007 



Following a meeting of the Ministerial Council for Vocational and Technical Education (MCVTE) in November, 2005, Minister Hardgrave announced that the term 'Vocational Education and Training' (VET) would be replaced by 'Vocational and Technical Education' (VTE). MCVTE is made up of Australian Government and State and Territory Ministers with responsibility for VTE.

In line with the national decision Charles Darwin University will make the change from VET to VTE from December 1, 2006. During December 2006, divisions and faculties are asked to review all documentation, including delivery and assessment resources and make changes where required so that the VTE brand is visible to all internal and external stakeholders from the start of 2007.

VTE fees at CDU

Charles Darwin University has recently reviewed its fee schedule for student VTE fees for 2007. Tuition fees will be move from $1.70 per Annual Hours Curriculum (AHC), which has been the fee for the last two years, to $1.80. This fee increase is roughly equal to the CPI increase over the period since fees were last adjusted.

It is important to note CDU will continue with its current VTE fee-waiver guidelines, which include waivers for students in receipt of Commonwealth benefits. Exemptions are available for students receiving:

Age Pension
Partner/Parenting Allowance
Sickness Allowance
Carer's Pension
Additional Family Payment
Widow’s Pension
Veteran Affairs Service Pension (Age and Invalid)
Mature Aged Allowance Parenting Payment Single
Special Benefit
Youth Allowance
Rural Adjustment Scheme
Disability Support Pension
Permanent Resident Visa (Refugee)
Permanent Resident Visa (Humanitarian status)

Exemptions are also available for training undertaken in remote areas. If a course is conducted in the Northern Territory, more than 50 km from the following towns, you may seek an exemption from tuition fees as a Remote Area 2 student:

Alice Springs
Tennant Creek

The fee change is a necessary step in maintaining the financial viability of our organisation.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact Charles Darwin University Student Services on free call 1800 061 963.