Tony's fellowship brings diesel expertise to Australia 


Charles Darwin University (CDU) Alice Springs automotive lecturer Tony Harding has won a $10,000 fellowship to improve his expertise in the field of automotive engineering.

Tony applied for the fellowship through the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS), a not for profit organisation that identifies and fills employment shortages within Australia.

Tony plans to spend two weeks in Germany and Italy at car manufacturers BMW and Alfa Romeo to study new generation diesel engines. He will then share this knowledge with peers and students when returning to Alice Springs.

Previously seen as a smelly and underpowered cousin of petrol engines, diesel motors are increasingly adopted as a clean, mainstream alternative in Europe.

‘Diesel motors are now considered quiet, fast and efficient and I would like to help prepare staff and students in Australia before they take hold here,’ he said.

A winner was selected from each state and territory and represent industries covering engineering trades, environmental studies, primary industries and food trades. Tony will represent Australia in the automotive trades.

Tony first enquired about the awards early October and was asked by the ISS to apply early November. He agreed just before the application deadline and was awarded the funding late last week.

Director of Remote Co-ordination Paul Fitzsimons congratulated Tony on his win.

‘He is a great man who has many years experience in the bush and this will set him up as a better operator at the University,’ he said.

As an ex ‘BMW Master Technician’ Tony already provides extensive knowledge to his students and fellow lecturers. He commenced working at the University in July last year and his role includes lecturing at the CDU Alice Springs Campus and remote communities across the NT.

He will travel to Melbourne on 7 December to receive his award.