CDU students go APE over their films in Alice Springs 


It’s not 'Gorillas in the Mist', but guests are guaranteed an eye opening night of short films and plenty of fun at the 3rd Annual ApeTV Golden Gorilla Awards.

The annual awards showcase the talents of Charles Darwin University (CDU) and Centralian Senior Secondary College’s budding film makers, held for the first time at The Lane, 6 December at 6.30pm.

Thirteen short films and eight ApeTV station ID’s will cover a broad range of subjects as diverse as domestic abuse, an obsessed teenager who is unlucky in love and the debut clip 'Pollution' of talented local band, Zenith.

Students from the Centralian Senior Secondary College and CDU’s Certificate III in Screen are contributing to the event.

The Golden Gorilla Awards recognise excellence and will be awarded in such fields as editing, best screenplay and best cinematography.

Teacher Ashley Hall, the year 12 media coordinator said this year’s event has moved from a presentation of movies to a night of entertainment.

‘The event has grown into a popular evening in Alice Springs and The Lane’s Rooftop will be a perfect venue,’ he said.

Ashley said he hopes some students will follow the path of previous graduates and purse a career in film production.

‘We have ex-media students studying film and script writing at the Victorian College of the Arts and guests will see even more talent at the next awards,’ he said.