Partnership Agreement signed with Government 

CDU's Vice-Chancellor Professor
Helen Garnett and NT Chief
Minister Clare Martin

Charles Darwin University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Helen Garnett and NT Chief Minister Clare Martin formally signed the new partnership agreement at Parliament House on Tuesday (November 21).

The signing ceremony was conducted at Parliament House in front of CDU staff, government officials and the media.

The new five-year agreement provides the framework for a range of research and other activities that will draw on CDU expertise in partnership with NT Government departments and agencies.

The first partnership agreement, signed in 2003, saw the establishment of such joint ventures as Bioscience North Australia, a leading edge research facility in molecular science and the National Accelerated Literacy Program aimed at fast-tracking literacy in schools.

The Chief Minister said the bottom line of the Partnership was ‘action’. ‘It is using the scarce resources we individually have by bringing them together, focussing and concentrating energies toward the attainment of mutual and shared goals in specific areas,’ Ms Martin said.

Professor Garnett said the partnership would operate in three major areas.

‘The first area is economic, where we will undertake projects to create better opportunities for all Territorians. We will work in areas such as improving overall economic development, increasing Indigenous opportunities and expanding national and international connections.

‘The next area is social and cultural; where we will undertake projects that are designed to care for our Territory communities. We will work in areas such as developing strong regions, healthy communities and improving governance. However, it will also be about developing our creative industries such as music, art and literature.

‘Finally, the environment. We will undertake projects designed to achieve environmentally sustainable development in both terrestrial and marine resources.’

Professor Garnett said the achievements of the past three years would in time come to be seen as the tip of the iceberg of what will be achieved over the next five years.

Visit the CDU/NTG partnership website.