Quick research response to violence in the suburbs 


Charles Darwin University researcher, Margot Ford, will conduct a study of youth in Darwin, focusing on Indigenous and African youth as a result of recent tensions between these groups.

The two-month study will involve interviewing youth about their experiences of living in Darwin, their views on different ethnic or racial groups and possible ways to reduce tensions.

Ms Ford says there has been a great deal of speculation as to the causes of group tensions and the study will provide an opportunity for the youth themselves to explain things in their own words

“I want to talk to individual youth and get their perspective on why the trouble is happening,” she says.

“I will also be asking them what suggestions they have to improve relationships between communities.”

Ms Ford said the survey had been given the necessary ethical clearances, and would be completed as soon as possible.

“It will be absolutely confidential and no person will be identified,” she says.

The results of her survey will be given to the appropriate government departments for consideration in applying new strategies and policies dealing with such problems.