Jenny's Work Experience Diary 


Welcome to Jenny's Work Experience Diary.

Jenny Newry is an Indigenous student who has started a work experience program at CDU.

Jenny's Work Experience Diary will be a weekly piece which will highlight her placement at Corporate Communications.


25 October 2006

My name is Jenny Newry and I am one of the Indigenous students who have started a work experience program at CDU.

I am originally from Yarralin, two and a half hours flight south west of Darwin.  I am a Year 9 student from Kormilda College, one of the schools who are participating in the program.

This morning, I visited the new student courtyard, the Library, ITMS, Uni Info Shop and the computer labs on level 3.  I am looking forward to visiting other areas of the university soon. The campus is big but it is easy enough to get around.

My placement at Corporate Communications will give me the opportunity to look at marketing, research and the web.  At the end of the program I hope to have built on my current administration skills and know more about the University.

I visited Charlene Wunungmurra who is also a Year 9 student from Kormilda.  Charlene has been hosted by Student Services and has already undertaken training on the Uni card system.  Charlene said: ‘The staff here are really nice. Next week I’m going to learn more about the front counter’.

Tahnee Snowy is my best friend who is also from Yarralin.  Tahnee is spending her placement with the School of Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems. She said she’s been having fun.

I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks and learning new things.  Stay in touch and check out the next entry on Wednesday 1 November.

See ya.


1 November 2006

Today is the second week. I've been learning about emailing and taking notes and answering phone calls. I've been doing some filing and picking up someone’s else phone, it was fun and I got to email some one else.

Today I went to the Uni Info Shop to see Charlene and she was talking about learning records on the computer, sorting out mail, putting some information pack together and making student cards and she said the staff are nice people.

Talk to ya later