National Youth Round Table 2007 


Applications are now open for the National Youth Round Table 2007 – the Australian Government’s youth consultation mechanism.

The Roundtable brings together young people with an aim to informing the government and its policies on diverse views on various youth issues.

Roundtable members include young people from all States and Territories, metropolitan and regional areas and various cultural backgrounds.

Members bring to the consultative group a wide range of experiences and viewpoints, whether studying, caring for others, looking for work or working. Members' experiences from being involved in local community activities and their knowledge of local youth issues are also an asset to the Roundtable.

If you are aged between 15 and 25 years and would like to apply to be a National Youth Roundtable member visit The Source website. Applications close on November 16.

For further information phone 1800 624 309 (free call) or email